Terms and Conditions for Monthly Scheme

1. Each batch would consist of 100 members. The first draw would be held after the enrolment of all 100 members.

2. Every member will have to pay 12 instalments (monthly) of Rs. 500/- before the 15th of every month either by-cash/DD/cheque and obtain receipt.

3. Members would not be eligible for the draw if the payment is not made before the due date.

4. The draw will be held on the 24th of every month in the evening at the RAJARAM'S store in the presence of customers.

5. The winners will be informed by telephone.

6. The winner is eligible to purchase goods worth Rs. 6000/- and would be exempted from paying the remaining instalments.

7. The winner of the last draw (12th month) can purchase goods worth Rs. 6600/-

8. Those members who have not won, can purchase goods worth Rs. 6500/- upon the completion of all the 12 instalments.

9. The chit amount should be redeemed in one single purchase transaction. Any balance amount will be forfeited.

10. Once enrolled in the scheme, Members are required to pay all the 12 instalments. Members who default on the payment of any instalment will not be eligible for the draw and their contribution will not be refunded or adjusted against any purchases.

11. Other promotions & Discount sales cannot be clubbed or combined with the chit benefit scheme.

12. Members are requested to safeguard their membership card and inform the management of any loss/theft immediately.

13. The membership card must be surrendered to the management at the time of purchase of goods against the scheme.

14. In case of any dispute and/or differences, the decision of the management of the store shall be final and binding on all.

Kindly Accept Terms & Conditions of the Monthly Benefit Scheme